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I was diagnosed with breast cancer last May. In Mid July I lost my hair. I could not find a wig that I liked so I received a long haired blonde wig and brought it to Rose & co. I had Rose style my wig in August of last year she did not charge me or accept a tip. I hae now finished chemo and my hair is comming back, so I scheduled my first appointment for July 11th. I will be forever loyal to her salon. There should be more people in the world like her. Thank you Rose!! See you in a couple weeks.

Cathy Crawford

Rose, I have to say since I came up to see you on Memorial Day and had a day at the salon with you doing my hair, My hair has never looked  so good since you have taken the time to make me beautiful, I get so many compliments on the color and on the hilights. I will also say the same for Tammy. She looks beautiful and many thanks to you. You are a great Stylist!!! I only wish that you lived closer. Love you!!!

Janet Rizzuto

Rose, so very pleased to know that you are the owner of a new Salon. Just wished you were still in Maryland. Your Salon is as lovely and stylish as you always have been! Best of luck and many years of success. I have a reason to visit the Syracuse Area! LOL. Best to the family.

Gloria Rockmore

Hi Rose! Just went looking at the website for Patrick’s, wondering what you were up to! :) Needing a haircut today and wishing you were close by. When I saw on the Patrick’s Facebook page that you were no longer with them (you posted a comment that you’d have to get back to Maryland to visit), I went looking for you using Google…and here you are! Congratulations on your business…looks great! I will have to send you pictures of my boys. You may recall giving Sean his first and second [rather traumatic] haircuts there at Patrick’s! Remember having to haul him into the back office to finish him? LOL. My apologies once again for that assault on your eardrums…and many thanks once again for your patience and persistence. Sean is a real pro in the chair now, and his little brother Michael is following right along. :) Guess I’d best get back to work…take care! Paige

Paige Merriam

I have been a client of Rose’s for 6 months, and haven’t been happier!! What a great styist, and a beautiful salon!!

Erin Paul

Rose is the best Stylist I have ever been to! She is a true Artist and a true Chemist of her trade! She took the time to figure out how to treat my hair, and had the knowledge and experience to try something outside of the box (Which I can not thank her enough for:)! Needless to say, she keeps my hair looking fabulous month after month. Rose, you are the greatest! Thank you! :) Kristina

Kristina Starowitz

Congratulations Rose! This is the first time I’ve viewed the website and I’d say it’s just as beautiful as the salon itself!

Alex Mihou

Rose, your web site is very well done. Your salon is very chic. Wishing you all the success that you deserve.

Lila Houston

Congrats!!!! I’m so happy for you!!! The shop and website look great. Love your brother!!!!!!


I have been a client of Rose’s for the last 11 years. She is truly amazing with color. I came to her with many color corrections, and she made me beautiful without breaking the bank. Rose always had time for me, and always listened and gave me exactly what I wanted. I am sad that she has moved away, however I am so happy she has followed her dream and has opened such a beautiful salon.

Jessica MacDonald

What an absolutely beautiful shop! I have been a client of Rose’s for about the last ten years. She’s rescued many a color job (I just can’t do it myself!!), has given me awesome cuts, always listens to what I want, and provides expert professional feedback. She’s beautiful, the shop’s beautiful, her work is beautiful, and I am blessed to call her friend. You won’t ever go wrong with a Rose cut!

Colette Johnson



  1. Kathleen KossApril 20, 2015 at 4:02 pm

    Rose and Company make my day! Talented, caring and fun, they listen to concerns and use their expertise to guild us lilies!

    Five Stars!

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